Modern style computer store cell phone accessories display stand

I believe that for those who want to open a mobile phone accessories shop. A good shop decoration is to attract customers. So how to decorate the mobile phone shop design, in order to attract customers? Here we have a brief introduction for you. How to decorate the mobile phone shop design, in order to attract customers.



Color is the first impression of people’s eyes. A reasonable color collocation can make people have the desire to enter the store. Mobile phone store decoration is a young people as the main consumer group, where the color needs to choose bright and bold colors to attract customers.

The color of this computer store cell phone accessories shop is dark grey color with the blue color lighted acrylic strip. The design of the display showcase is the hexagonal shape with blue color lighted acrylic. Meanwhile, it matches some glass display stands with the led strip light. Very beautiful design!

Mobile phone accessories store decoration is the need for careful design of the internal space. On the wall of this cell phone accessories has the lighted box and the blue lighted acrylic. The color of the wall is dark blue and the ceiling is grey color.


The first step of a store project is to make a 3D customize design. After we confirm the final 3d store design, we will make a construction drawing for you to check all the details. Then we will print out the drawings to the factory to start the production.

The woodworker will start to make the wood body. And then start the paint job. It will take 5 times base coat and 2 times surface coat. After we finish the paint job, we will start the assemble. We will install the lights, logo, lighted and so on.

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