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Hello, friend. Welcome to our website. Today I will introduce a beautiful and cute pink optical shop to you.

It’s very suitable to open a optical shop now. Firstly, optical shops will become more stable. Wearing glasses is a trend now. Especially as the demand for nearsighted glasses and presbyopic glasses increases, optical shops will be greatly popular by the public. It is different from other short-lived industries. Secondly, the optical shop is very profitable. Although the rent of the optical shop is expensive, people have a great demand for glasses. This makes the glasses industry very profitable. So, do you want to open an optical shop?

Let Us Take A Look At This Pink Optical Shopoptical shop

The decoration of the optical shop allows products to get more and more reasonable display space through decoration, which facilitates more and more convenient choices for consumers, thereby promoting the opportunities for transactions. No matter how good the product is, it must rely on the environment and the necessary effects to render harmony, which is the so-called packaging effect, in order to increase its value. The newly renovated optical shop will have a wider view, and there will be more display methods and unique creative ideas in the display of products. Therefore, the newly renovated shop will increase the transaction rate to a certain extent.

glasses display

As we can see this is a beautiful and cute optical shop. It has a white front desk. And beside it there is a small glasses display stand with mirror. Customers can try on glasses here. The optical shop has two pink screens in the middle. There are some glasses display racks on the screen, and it is displayed on both sides. The optical shop has a side mirror wall. It is very convenient for customers. Also there is a glasses display rack on the mirror wall inside. Besides, the optical shop has a logo, some spotlights and some potted plants.

glasses shop

The optical shop design:

The optical shop does not have to be luxuriously decorated, but it must highlight its own characteristics. The service desk should have a touch of culture, give customers a different kind of warmth, and provide warm service. And the overall design of an optical shop usually includes four parts: the optometry room, the optician room, the lobby, and the service desk.

The optometry room generally has no special requirements, but it must be of sufficient length. The vision test must be at least 5 meters. If it is not enough, you can pass Place a flat mirror to ensure that the optometry room should use indirect light sources, air circulation, and cleanliness. There are many precision instruments, accessories, and disinfection pools in the optician room. Therefore, the decoration price is usually high. Pay attention to the maintenance of the instruments.

The Pink Optical Shop Details

  • Size: 50 square meter or your customized size
  • Color: pink, white, gray or the color you want
  • Material: MDF, 8mm tempered clear glass, stainless steel
  • Surface: baking pink and white paint
  • Style: Modern design
  • Others: Acrylic logo, light strips, spotlights

Start the design Of Optical Shop

Before opening an optical shop, you need to have some design ideas of the optical shop. It is very important. Because an excellent optical shop design will bring you great results. It can make your optical shop more popular and increasing profits. So how to start the design of an optical shop? You just need to tell us the specific requirements of this optical shop, such as size, style, color, logo, etc. We will help you design it. And the design will show all your ideas about the optical shop. Thanks!

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