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To pursue high-end spectacle display cabinets, it is necessary to consider the coordination of shape, material and color. It must also combine the connotation of the brand and the type of product. At the same time, the spectacle showcase does not exist independently. And the coordination with the space design must be fully considered. The design of the spectacle showcase must combine with the space design. The design of the glasses showcase is the primary criterion for attracting customers. But if you want to retain customers, the glasses showcase required to clean and tidy. And the products presented are orderly and well-organized. Faced with such a platform, customers can impeccably sell and sell products smoothly.


High-end Optical Store Display Furniture Design:

The main color of this shop is blue and white. The optical display wall cabinet has Led strip lights on each layer. If the whole store looks bright it will look beautiful. We also have some mirrors on the showcase for customer to see the effect of wearing glasses.


How to design an optical store so that you can see the effect?

For the sunglasses shop design, we will charge 500-800USD design fee. Our designer will send the 3D store design to you within 3-5 working days.

After you check the design, we will change the 3D design as you like. This will take time to discuss and revise the optical display case design.

Our interior design team will make a detailed construction drawing to you after confirm the final 3D design. ( This construction drawing include all the details inside, dimensions, materials, colors, and other special requirements ).

Please welcome to inquiry if you want to start the optical store design, thank you!





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