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Optical is a major addition to the fast fashion industry. We must protect our eyes from dangerous UV rays in some way. For this reason, the sunglasses business is quite profitable. The sunglasses business does not require high management fees and can be as simple as opening your own online store online.

In 2018, sunglasses sold in American stores were worth more than $2 billion, and the market is expanding. Sunglasses used to be a luxury for hundreds of dollars to buy in the upper class. But this is not the case today. Many fast fashion retailers have been selling fashionable glasses at a low price. Let’s face it: Protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays is never cool. The sunglasses business is both profitable and creative, especially if you love fashion. It’s easy to start doing some research and promoting yourself online.

sunglasses store design


Once you find your user base, you need an actual product, so it’s time to find a wholesaler or manufacturer. If you choose to bring luxury, you can choose to work with a local designer. Otherwise, you may want to bring your business to overseas wholesalers, such as Alibaba, the largest online wholesaler market.

The most important part – sunglasses store design:

The most important is you need a very attractive sunglasses store design. It will attract many customers to your sunglasses store. Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd. is a company with more than ten years of experience. We have our own workshop and a strong and professional design team. We can design a new sunglasses store for you all as your requirements.

This is a modern style optical store design, the color of the display showcase is white and with a little black color. The optical display showcase with glass shelves to display all the kind of sunglasses. And on the ceiling has some spotlights then it can light up the optical store. On the top of the sunglasses display showcase we can make some lighted box for advertising. All the display stands we will add the Led strip light to light up the products.

sunglasses store design

How to start a sunglasses store design?

Please send us the store floor plan, your favorite design or style to us. Tell us about your requirements.

For the design, we will need to charge 500-800USD design deposit. ( It will return to you when you order the shop ).

We will send the 3 D design drawing to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

We will revise the design until you are satisfied with it. The shop we will design it according to your shop floor plan.

After we confirm the final 3d design we will quote the exact price to you. Before we start the production, our design team will make and send the construction drawing for you to check everything.

If everything all good, we will start production. During the production of the sunglass store, we will take the photos for you.

sunglasses store design

About the shipping and delivery:

For the sunglasses store display furniture, we will pack them divided into a few parts. And we will mark the numbers on the wooden packages then you can know what are they inside. The package is foam inside and wooden box outside.

We can arrange the shipping for you. Please just send us the nearest destination port from you. Or if you want to delivery to your shop address, we can deliver to your door to door address.

Any questions please feel free to contact us on Email: sales08@uniquekiosk.com.

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