Modern optical shop with sunglass display rack design

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Are you plan to start your optical shop? are you still worried can’t find a professional team help you make a special design? You’re right to find us here. we are unique kiosk is a direct manufacturer in China. mainly work on the design and customized different types optical shpo and sunglass display racks.

In this article the one i wanna share is very modern optical shop design.

1.More introduce about this optical shop.

  • Size:150sqm.
  • Material: MDF, tempered glass.
  • Color: white, black, blue, purple and more.

optical shop

We can see the whole shoe store. it mainly for selling short-sighted glasses and sunglass. the wall sides is some high wall display cabinet, with wooden layer display panel. the left side is for women’s glasses, Men’s glasses. in the middle is some short display stand with glass  showcase window. inside is hidden led light strip. looks very nice.

The next is a small cashier counter with decoration wall. whuite and black strip counter with green color logo.

optical shop

The back side is some display windows, table and sofa for waiting, we can see in the corner is some small room for optometry and Measurement of vision . looks very comforable.

optical shop


What i need notice to build a optical shop like this?

  • The first is location choose. a good location can help you bring more client. this is why almost business is in mall or commercial street.
  •  the second is Store style. try make your store looks unique and special. color match.white, black. red.add some wood grain color will looks very nice. you also can add some glasses shape. it’s very vivid.
  • thrid , Interior layout.  add some high wall display cabinet, short display stand. special area for Measurement of vision and waiting.
  • fourth, Light.   it including ceiling lights decoration and furniture light. spotlight and ceiling lamp is good choose.
  • at last is Poster and light.  for different area, is very necessary to add some poster showings to introduce. this allows guests to quickly find what they need.


Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your optical shop business. for more related information. please contact us here!

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