Nowadays. There are more and more optical shops. The demand for glasses is constantly increasing. it including Myopic glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses. it mainly located in the shopping center or own store. are you interested to start your own optical shop? if you are still worried can’t find a special design, it’s necessary to see more details below.

Here the one I wanna share is a very Modern optical shop furniture with sunglass display fixtures for sale. 


Basic information about this optical shop:

      Size: 80sqm.

      Color: white. gold.

      Material:  MDF, stainless steel.

      Service: Myopic glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses.

      Accessories: stainless steel display rack, led light strip.

      Price: 12000usd( 100%  customized and high quality)


For this optical shop, mainly tone is white, match a little gold color stainless steel strip decoration. you can see the whole storefront part is a big glass window. is two short display stand with a poster. guest can directly see the whole shop interior from outside.

In the middle of this shop is three pieces “C” shape glass display counter, hidden led light strip. at the left and right sides are some wooden display shelves, each plate below is hidden led light strip, looks very bright. for the whole display stand, the bottom is some cabinet for storage.  at the back sides is a wall display with stainless steel display rack. match a long glass display counter. at the right corner is a small cashier counter. the left sides is a small room for Measurement of vision. do you like the whole shop layout?

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this optical shop design is helpful for your glasses business. unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of optical shops for more than ten years. if you’re interested to start your own optical shop. or more related information, please directly contact us here.



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