Modern optical shop furniture with sunglass display fixtures for sale

Nowadays. There are more and more optical shops. The demand for glasses is constantly increasing. it including Myopic glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses. it mainly located in the shopping center or own store. are you interested to start your own optical shop? if you are still worried can’t find a special design, it’s necessary to see more details below.

Here the one I wanna share is a very Modern optical shop furniture with sunglass display fixtures for sale. 

glasses shopBasic information about this optical shop:

      Size: 80 sqm or other size you need.

      Color: White, gold, or other color you need.

      Material: MDF with high glossy baking paint on surface, stainless steel, tempered glass, Led light,man made stone and so on.

      Service: Myopic glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses and so on

      Accessories: Stainless steel display rack, led light strip.

      Price: Our price is based on the size, materials and other things. ( 100%  customized and high quality)

About this shop:glasses shop

For this optical shop, the mainly color is white, match a little gold color stainless steel strip decoration. When you enter the shop, at the first glance, you will find that there is a display case on your left and two on your right, which are used to display various glasses. As you walk a little closer, you can see a large curved display case against the wall right in front of the door, with a gold logo on it. When you go to the left and right respectively, you will find on both sides there are display cases against the wall for displaying all kinds of glasses. On the far right, there is a cash register. On the far left, a large, curved board with glowing posters stands next to the cabinet. There are also two light boxes to the left and right near the entrance for display and publicity posters. The whole windows,some showcases and doors used the tempered glass. It is good for people to see the glasses and the shop. The design of the whole store is very fashionable. Do you like the whole shop layout?

What can we do for you?

We (Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd) are a professional company. Not only a company, but also a factory. Our price is lower than our peers. Because our price is the factory price. Our materials all have high quality. Because our company is very trust. Our serives is very nice. We have a professional design team and a friendly serives team. What you need just tell our salesman, and they will tell to the designer. The designer will according to your requirements to make a whole design about your store. What is more, When you have decided to make it, our worker will make it day by day. Our salesman will follow up your process day by day, until your product have finished. The salesman will send you the pictures and the video about your product process everyday. Choose our company, will let you use the least money to buy the most satisfactory products, get the best service. Our company also have warrantly period. As long as it is not man-made damage, we support a three years warranty. We are here waiting for you.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this optical shop design is helpful for your glasses business. unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of optical shops for more than ten years. if you’re interested to start your own optical shop. or more related information, please directly contact us here.



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