Customized High-Quality Eyewear Stand Sunglasses Shop Display Furniture

As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul. More and more people are aware of the importance of protecting their eyes, so glasses have become an indispensable product for most people. So if you want to open an optician shop is also a good time to make money.

Some style of eyewear stand

A unique eyewear stand can not only highlight your glasses product but also attract people’s attention. From this picture, we can know that the color of the stand is mainly white. Put the posters on the top of the stand to highlight the theme and characteristics of the product.

A small mirror is installed in the middle, which is convenient for customers to try on glasses. And glasses products are placed on both sides with some multiple storage cabinets below for you to use.

Before the design, we need the client to send the poster picture, we need PDF or AI form, to ensure the high-definition picture. If not, we can make suitable posters according to the style of glasses. You can also add LOGO on the stand, we usually make logo type including acrylic 3D logo, hollow logo, and so on, it all depends on your requirement.

For this style, it is easy to get people’s attention. The eyewear stand size is relatively large, which can have enough space to put the poster, and the color matching is reasonable.

In addition, the top of the stand is equipped with LED light strips. Even the dark environment does not affect its work. It is very modern and practical. Also marked on the glasses stand of the customer’s logo and product brand, which can leave deep impression for people.

We are a professional optical shop furniture manufacturer with a design team that can create new designs according to your needs. We have made different types of eyewear stand, and the design team has rich design experience, can make your ideal design. Besides, we can also help you design the whole glasses shop. You need to send us the floor plan of the shop. All the furniture, LOGO, and ceiling can show to you in the design. So you can see the whole store effect.

Contact us to start your dreamed design of an eyewear stand

When you tell us the size, style, and logo, we can start designing the eyewear stand. Our design team can make a whole 3D eyewear stand design base on your requirement. This is the first step to start our cooperation.

The eyewear stand style and all the posters and logos can customize according to your demand. And we will make the design more beautiful and attractive. We usually charge $300 as a design fee, which is not only a symbol of our cooperation but also a guarantee that our design can meet your requirements. And we will deduct it from the total price.

After 3-5 days, we can send you the 3D design for you to confirm. Which can modify and add new ideas. When you had confirmed the final design, we will make a detailed quotation list for you, and we will let you confirm the construction drawing before production. Our workers will produce exactly according to the design and construction drawings to ensure that the product you receive will be the same as the design.

Finally, you pay 50% order deposit, and we can arrange the production. If you want to know the production situation, we will send you pictures and videos during production to keep you informed of the production progress.


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