Modern Mobile Phone Showcase Cell Phone Kiosk in Mall

cell phone kiosk The mobile kiosk sells smart products such as mobile phones, mobile phone cases, and earphones. You can add a brand sign, phone repair table, cashier counter, and blade sign to make the kiosk unique. Today, I want to share a wonderful phone kiosk with you.

Mobile phone kiosk design

This mall kiosk is mainly used to place items, as it has many glass showcase counters. The main color of the mobile phone kiosk is black and white color. Which looks very upscale and luxurious. Materials include baking paint, MDF, tempered glass, and even a 3D stainless steel logo.

cell phone showcase

cell phoneIntroduction of the cell phone kiosk

This mobile phone kiosk size is 3.5m by 2m, looks like a U shape in the shopping mall. If you have other size requirements, we can make it the same size you need.

There are two black counters at the entrance, we can place the POS system here and the blade sign can also attach here. There are two glass counters on each side with a light lamp at the top and posters on the counter body for advertising.

cell phone counterOne corner has a large L shape display showcase, you can use this shelf as a sales window. It has multiple glass shelves to place items for sale.

More information

This is a customized mobile phone kiosk, we can use the color matching the brand logo, which can well reflect the company culture. The TV player can also be added to the appropriate position of the kiosk so that customers can learn more comprehensive new technical and advantages of products.

No matter when you need a phone kiosk, we can help you build it. Produce time is about 22-28 work days from order confirm.

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