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Hi, how is everything going? Do you want to join the mobile phone accessories business? Or you are getting involved in the mobile phone accessories business. It’s a good idea to order a mobile phone accessories kiosk to make your business flourish. Now, I have good news for you. There is a modern high-end mobile phone accessories kiosk in my workshop. I believe that our mobile phone accessories will attract more customers and your business will be better. I believe you will like it.

3D cellphone accessory kiosk design

Introduction of the mobile phone kiosk

This cellphone accessory kiosk has a simple design but looks attractive. The volume has slat wall plate to put in many cellphone accessories in the center. Very affordable that many phone shop owner like the decoration. It has very exquisite surface treament, very soft. The color is a low profile grey match luxury gold, it’s amazing. Do you like it? Besides, we can custom-made it according to your meet.

Description about the kiosk

From the design picture, we can see there are much display showcase area. Clients can see and purchase the products directly. There is multi-layer display showcase in the front side, you can place attractive phone covers here. The glass door has locks to protect the goods from stollen. The corner area is a hgih brand logo stand, a glass display cabinet in front of it. So you have more display showcase area, is it cool? Behind the stand is a repair counter. You can check bills and provide phone repair service here. While another two sides has same glass display counter. It’s good to represend laptop, phone accessories and other items. Squred counter also in the corner to help you show more products for sell. 

Material show

We usually use MDF with baking paiting. For this cellphone accessory kisok, the basic material is Plywwod and surface material is laminate and wood decoration. The display showcase mainly use 8mm tempered glass. And the counter top is stone material, which is strong to use and high level the store. Other materials include acrylic logo, light strip, hooks, stainless steel kicking, etc.

Then I will tell you about its basic information make you learn it more.

  • Item: Phone accessories display kiosk .
  • Size: We can custom-made it for you.
  • Color: Grey, red and white, customed color according to your needs.
  • Delivery: 22-25 work days.
  • Shipment: By sea, by train or by airplane. We can choose suitable shipping method for you.
  • payment: Wire transfer or Western union
  • Package: Foam inside + wooden box outside .

How is the order process?

You should first tell us what’s your idea about kiosk decoration. It’s better to make a new design according to your shop size. So you can see how to make full use of time and work better. When confirm design and agree with kiosk price. You need to inquiry a construction drawing to make sure everything goes right. It’s very necessary. After that, build the cellphone accessory kiosk according to the drawing. Every steps should take photos for your confirmation, so you can also control all the details.

Packaging & Shipping

First step: Preparing sturdy wooden carton ,the thickness of wood is min 9 mm .

Second step: Adopting foam packing and soft EPE protection .

Third step: Foam between the product and wooden carton .

Fourth step: Thickness 12 mm X 100 mm width frame for each sides of carton .

Final step: Standard machinery and skilled workers .

If you have any new idea about kiosk decoration, please feel free to contact us. We can add your thoughts to the kiosk and help you build it. We are direct factory and has excellent designer team to help you create wonderful mall kiosk design.

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