Modern coffee shop design marble store with LED lighting bar counter

What should we mention for the Modern coffee shop design?

1. The design of the store must conform to the characteristics of the cafe and reflect the operation characteristics of the cafe in terms of appearance and style.

2. To meet the main user’s “taste”.

3. The storefront decoration to fully consider the original architectural style and the surrounding storefront is harmonious. “individual” although eye-catching, once the consumer feels “vulgar”, will lose trust.

4. The decoration should simple, rather “insufficient”, not “too”. It should not use too much line segmentation and color rendering. You need to avoid any excessive decoration, do not let the user feel “too tired”.


How to get the start if you want to open a coffee shop?

First, we have many types of cafe shop on our company website, you can have a look and tell us which one your favorite.

Second, before we make the design, please send some information to us. It included the floor plan, your brand logo, equipment list and so on.

For the cafe store design, we will charge 500$ design deposit. But this will deduce from the total cost, so it is for free.

We will send the 3D design to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

Finally, we will change the design until you get approval from the mall or landlord.


We have perfect management, professional design team and advanced production equipment. these are the basis of our confidence to be able to provide customers with satisfactory service. Meanwhile, we can provide product& service with optimum quality, the most reasonable price and the best service achieving a win-win situation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. Thanks for reading!




Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
WeChat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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