Men’s underwear store modern stylish T-shirt clothing shop design

Men’s underwear store door design is the focus of attracting customers. Its design points must clearly show the brand name and logo, be eye-catching, concise, and atmosphere, and can express the brand’s cultural concept. At the same time, the color and decoration should have a clear difference from the next shop.

For example, the high brightness color attracts the attention of passers-by. At the same time, the design of the shoe store building reflects specific characteristics of the brand, which is a critical way to make the brand deeply popular. This is a men’s underwear store modern stylish T-shirt clothing shop design. 



For the store display showcase for the men’s underwear shop, we need to design it to be suitable for the products. If the customer can see and touch the product, it can help the customer to know the quality of your products. This is one of the differences from shopping online because the customer can touch and see the products. So we need to let the display furniture can clearly display the products and match the whole shop style.


The material of this men’s underwear store is MDF with a veneer surface finish. On the top of the wall display cabinet, you can put the poster or the type of your products or your brand logo all good. On the bottom is drawer storage with a lock.



Our design team can make a customized men’s underwear store design for you. Please send us your shop size and logo etc. We can discuss the layout and make a floor plan for you to have an idea first. Then we will build a new shop model with your shop size. And make the display furniture inside to fill the shop.

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