Fashion metal clothing shop decoration garment display rack

A good clothing store environment can attract more customers, seize some customers shopping psychology, and love shopping is mostly women, shop decoration design is often the focus of customers. Simple and generous will be more durable.

If you want to appear more luxurious, then the clothing store in the direction of delicate design, want a more natural atmosphere, will produce visual fatigue. A simple style will be more suitable, you can add color collocation in a simple style, which will make the clothing store add a different design style.



This is a fashion metal clothing shop decoration garment display rack design. Lighting is essential in the decoration process of women’s clothing stores. Lighting is divided into the ceiling, window, lighted box, display cabinet, fitting room and other aspects. Mainly plays the role of rendering the atmosphere of the store.

In order to play the role of lighting to a greater extent, we must take into account the display mode. And decoration design style of underwear products. Do not simply pursue the arrangement and shape of lights. We need to emphasize the environmental atmosphere created by lighting and the impact on the products.

No matter how big or small your clothing store is, design a lounge area. On the one hand, shopping for clothes fitting rooms is very tiring, with a rest area your store’s popularity will increase.

On the other hand, nowadays many girls are accompanied by men when they go shopping. The rest area is set up not only to provide rest for men but also to let women enjoy shopping in your store.


Our company has our own design team that can offer a professional 3D design service to you. Also, we produce the store furniture in our own factory. If you have an idea to open a clothing store, please feel free to contact us to make your own unique clothing shop design.

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