Men’s Clothes Display Rack With Clothes Store Furniture Design

When you walked into a shopping center or commercial street,  you will notice there have so many different types of a clothes store, Women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear. but the styles are very different. Because nowadays,people think clothes can let them look good and feel confident. So they always want to buy some clothes. It is more important to wear different clothes for men. Those who have a girlfriend want to look more delicate in front of their girlfriend, while those who don’t have a girlfriend want to dress up more, want to show their beautiful side in front of women. Here the one I wanna share is a very modern men’s clothes shop design. let’s see more details together.

clothes storeAbout this men’s clothes design:

As you can see, the style of the whole store is very novel and advanced. The whole store is divided into two floors and the design color is black and white, two classic colors. There are several display cabinets arranged high on the left wall of the first floor, which are used to display the marlet, shirt, pants or some bags. At the bottom of these display cabinets, there are several shelves for hanging various clothes and pants. In the middle, there are also several display cabinets for displaying clothes. Besides, there are also special display cabinets for displaying some accessories of men, such as wallets and scarves. On the right, there are also areas for displaying clothes above and below. There is also a special place for men’s bags and shoes on the ground floor. The layout of the whole store is reasonable, and can basically meet the needs of most men. It’s a good design. You will notice the whole store ceiling decoration is very simple, in the middle is a big Pattern droplight, four sides are many led light and spotlight decoration.  looks very nice. Do you like this deisgn?

Basic information about this clothes shop:  clothes store

  • Size: 150sqm or the size what you need.
  • Color:  white, black or other colors you like.
  • Material: MDF, stainless steel, tempered glass, acrylic, man-made stone, high glossy baking paint, nature wood veneer samples and so on (other materials you want to make it).
  • Service: Men’s clothes, shoes, handbags, watches, scarfs and so on (other products you want to sell).
  • Accessories: led light, spotlight, hardware and so on
  • Usage: shopping mall or clothing store or other space you want to have your own business,
  • Price: The price is according to the size and others ( 100% customize and high quality).

What we can do ?

Our company have 11 years experiences, and we have deisgned many different stores. We have a professional designer team and a professional services team. What you need we will design for you. And we we can design for you again and again, until you feel satisifed. What you want to know we will tell you more details. what is more, Our price is factory price. Because we have our own factory, so our price are lower than our peers. Although our price are lower than our peers, our company have the high quality and friendly service.

Thanks for your time and reading. Uniquekiosk as a direct supplier we mainly work on the design and customize different types of clothes shop and display fixtures for more than ten years. just need to share us your floor plan and ideas. we can put all of your ideas on it, can help you make a unique design. If you’re interested to start your clothing store business. If you want to know other related information, please directly contact us here, welcome your inquiry! 

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