Eyebrows are very important to a person, so many people choose their own suitable eyebrow shape to modify their face. So there are many people will choose the eyebrow business as their business. Before you start the eyebrow kiosk, you need to find a good place to start your business. After that you can find the a good supplier to help you design and produce the kiosk.

Eyebrow Kiosk for Sale

This is an solid wood eyebrow kiosk in a mall. This eyebrow bar kiosk is designed for the elegant eyebrows of an Australian brand. We made and installed this pavilion in Sydney. The size of the eyebrow kiosk is a square shape of 4*3 square meters. Both sides of the kiosk can pass. Customers are mainly from the front, where there are TV commercials to promote our products to customers. Because those eyebrow kiosks are usually installed in shopping malls. The health department always needs to build a sink for hand washing in the kiosk, so it also helps customers install the corresponding sink.

The design of this eyebrow kiosk has a small display window in the corner where you can display some of your special products. We know that Eyebrow Bar mainly serves eyebrows. However, if your eyebrow products are good, many customers will buy your related products.

Eyebrow Kiosk Layout

The  kiosk we have 3 eyebrow bar station. For each bar station, we install the mirrors. In order to make the mirrors bright and customer see themselves clearly, we will add the beauty lamps on the edge of the mirror. If you want other style mirrors, we also can help you customize it. Opposite the eyebrow station, there is sink and the sitting area. The sitting area, it is convenient for the customer to wait.

For the outside of the eyebrow kiosk, we put menu on the entrance. Because customer can see the price and items clearly when they come in the kiosk.


There are 3 sets logo on the kiosk. The entrance has one. There are two sets between the solid wood. People can see the brand from different direction.

Production Process

Wooden cabinet, we use the plywood to build the wooden cabinet. We will produce it according to the construction drawings strictly.

Laminate, you can see it is glossy surface.  We will use the glossy laminate to build the eyebrow kiosk. Because it will make the kiosk more attractive.

Solid wood, We all have a latch on the wood. You can take it off yourself. When you want it, you can add the solid wood by yourself.

Installation, we will install the sink, the cushion, logo, sockets, and the menu.

Characters of our eyebrow bar for sale

The modern wooden eyebrow threading kiosk for sale is a beautiful design for an excellent business idea.

  1. Full personal service for brow threading  or lash extension etc within the simplicity of a kiosk.
  2. Service and sales for the nails or brows!
  3. Modern chic design and layout.
  4. Eye-popping design, direct lighting available.
  5. Expandable concept allows for the addition of cosmetic stations.
  6. POS area, locking cabinetry and storage under the seats.
  7. Running water available for larger units.

Unique Display is a leading manufacturer of customizing the eyebrow kiosk, and 90% of eyebrow tattoo kiosks are exported to Australia, the United States, Canada and some other large cities. If you want a customized eyebrow booth for sale, our company can help you.

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