This is a Mall used solid wood eyebrow kiosk eyebrow bar for sale. This eyebrow bar kiosk is design for Elegance Brow for a Australia Brand. And the kiosk was installed in Sydney .

The size of the eyebrow bar is 4*3 meter square style . Front and back two sides can access. Customer mainly coming form the front side where there’s Advertising TV.  Because  those eyebrow bar kiosk are usually installed inside shopping mall .  Heath department will always required a hand wash sink build in the kiosk bar.

Are you looking for eyebrow bar for sale ? Unique Kiosk is a leading eyebrow bar manufacturer in China. 90% of our eyebrow bar kiosk are ship to Australia . USA and Canada and some other large cities. If you want a customized brow bar kiosk for sale. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at : + 86 135 1043 8034.

We provide high quality eyebrow bar kiosk for sale with affordable price. The price for this model in 4*3 meter is only 7900 USD.  Our eyebrow bar kiosk price is different range from 2000-9000 USD due to different size of the kiosk . When you got th e mall space for eyebrow , you can sent your leased size to us and get a best price on it.

This eyebrow bar kiosk design has a small display showcase on the corner where you can display some of your featured products. As we know brow bar is mainly doing brow threading service. However many customer will buy you related products if you bar is good and nice.

Eyebrow threading bar kiosk is quite different from nail bar kiosk for sale. in a mall used nail bar . You usually have a nail table between customer and workers. However , In eyebrow threading bar . will need the workers and customer on same sides.

Characters of our eyebrow bar for sale

The modern wooden eyebrow threading kiosk for sale is a beautiful design for an excellent business idea.

  1. Full personal service for brow threading  or lash extension etc within the simplicity of a kiosk.
  2. Service and sales for the nails or brows!
  3. Modern chic design and layout.
  4. Eye-popping design, direct lighting available.
  5. Expandable concept allows for the addition of cosmetic stations.
  6. POS area, locking cabinetry and storage under the seats.
  7. Running water available for larger units.
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