Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Black and Golden Eyebrow Bar

Mall used threading kiosk is a very popular business idea for new startups. It’s a very good idea to earn money by doing eyebrow threading service. As it’s low budget and easy to operate. Here is a modern look Eyebrow threading kiosk with black and golden color sharing with you. The color makes the beauty salon looks perfect. This brow bar design idea is coming from Kurves Brow bar kiosk. It is a famous brow threading brand in Canada.

Basic information show:

With the size of 3*3 Meters, or you can say 10ft*10ft. Eyebrow designer has much more space to work on. Most of the frame is built with chrome golden stainless steel, which increases the industrial style of the eyebrow station. The brand signage also uses stainless steel logo, you can add backlit to get a bright booth. Its total has 3 working stations, two on one side and 1 on another side with many spotlights surrounded. Light decoration always pays great efforts in a retail shop, especially for eyebrow station. Bright lights help us work better. And the outside light bar decoration makes your display cabinet shinier.

Do you choose this Eyebrow threading kiosk design to open a business in the mall? Most of the managers ask the owner to submit the kiosk design for approval. We help many shop owners to install kiosks in the shopping center. They are happy with our quality and service. As we never give a discount on quality. Many people have upgraded their stores and established franchise brands, and I believe you can do it too. The premise is that you have good eyebrow skills, and the most important thing is to customize a shopping mall kiosk

Advantages of Eyebrow Threading Kiosk

♦ Attractive design. The design drawing is made by our design team. They think of all the details to make it convenient to use and look good
♦ High-grade and environmentally-friendly materials. The main material is MDF with baking paint. We will use metal to build the frame of the eyebrow kiosk and light ceiling holder. Which is stable to use and makes the shop unique.
♦ Superb craftsmanship. The workers focus on the production details. Everyone has more than 10 years of experience in building mall kiosks.
♦Easy to assembled and easy to be cleaned. The eyebrow threading kiosk fully completed in the factory and reassembly for testing. When you receive the goods, just put them together and use them. It’s very easy.

How to get a customized eyebrow kiosk?

First, find a professional design team to make a kiosk design. You should tell them all your needs about the eyebrow kiosk design. The more details the better.

Second, make the 3D design according to your description. It’s following your needs, but more elegant and active. Because the designer will add some elements accordingly.

Third, confirm the final design. You can get a perfect design in this step. As you can make small changes to make it looks better. That’s why we recommend making a business plan in advance. Also, we can confirm all the details, not in a hurry.

Finally, production it in the factory. It’s very important to find a good supplier. As they can understand your needs better and can provide high quality and good services. That would be better if you make a 3D design and produce a kiosk in one factory. Because they know the design drawing directly during the designing part. What do you think?

In summary, Unique Display Ltd. is a good choice to cooperate with. As they are the first factory that provides customized kiosk service in Shenzhen, China. They also have a sales team to help you deal with questions. If you have any questions about the showcase, they will answer them for you.

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