18ft by 8ft attractive candy kiosk design mall candy booth in the USA

As we know, candy means sweet, Happiness, childhood, so many people will buy sweet candies to celebrate festivals, party, etc.

Candies are greatly welcomed by children. To attract children, when you go to a candy shop or candy kiosk, you will find the decoration is very fancy and attractive.

Today I want to share you an attractive mall candy kiosk we did for an American customer:

mall candy kiosk

this mall candy kiosk size is 18ft by 8ft, it is a very nice and functional kiosk. Around the kiosk is candy display with many candy display boxes. It can also sell ice cream, Lollipops, cakes, bread, inside is space for stuff to work. 

Top added many cute candy modelings, looks very nice and lovely. On top of the kiosk have two TVs used to play videos.

mall candy kiosk

some basic info for this mall candy kiosk 

Size:18ft by 8ft or customize as your needs

Material: High-density MDF with baking paint finish

Accessories: spot lights, led lights, TVs, acrylic logos

mall candy kiosk mall candy kiosk 

Do you like this mall candy kiosk? If you are interested in making candy kiosk and wanna a create model, just come here!

We have a design team, can help you design and make the candy kiosk as your needs.


Maybe you will have the following questions for this mall candy kiosk:

1.what’s the kiosk price?

A: this kiosk we made before is 18ft by 8ft, how big your location size? need to know your size to check the price for your ref.

2. How to assemble the kiosk?is it complicated?

A: Assemble is very easy not complicated. Before shipping, we will assemble the lights, logos, accessories. Just considering shipping will devide the kiosk into several pieces, and we will number them with 1,2,3,4,5.. and do a detail guideline send you.when you received, just follow guideline put them together and join wires then can use.

3.what’s the kiosk comes with?

A: the kiosk comes with logos, lights, TVs, acrylic candy boxes, machines not included


If you have more questions, just feel free contact me:

Contact:Jessy Duan 

Mob(whatsapp):+86 13631655904







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