WOW, it is a lovely wooden candy display showcase, which is located indoor.  People like eating jelly drops, cotton candy, lollipop……..

Sometimes, we think about an important point of candy kiosk—How to make it attractive, more purchasing power? 1)  put plenty of kind of candies in the display showcase. 2)make a special candy display showcase. However, how to get a special candy booth to do a small business?

First of all, you have to talk about the landlord/mall manager to provide a space for you. Afterward, looking for some beautiful kiosks on the Internet, and think about how to modify it more fancier—–in color, shape, display area, etc. Then, looking for a professional furniture factory help you do this project(Shenzhen Unique Furniture LTD  has more than 14years experience in this field). We help clients design, produce, deliver, install…………

Like this, it is easy to attract children’s eyes. The special point of this kiosk is fake lollipops under the roof. There are some lollipops display on the countertop, as well. Even though it very small(2mx 2m), it is consist of different materials on the surface—–tile, solid wood bar, purple baking paint, sticker and so on.

In addition, there are display racks in the middle of the front counter. You can put candy in this area. What’s more, color also has an effect on the whole kiosk.


Thank you

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