Reception desk

In our company, we often overlook the importance of the reception desk. A good reception desk can attract people who want to get to know this company quickly. In fact, the reception desk is not just an office, it is a standard feature in companies and other office locations. The reception desk also has other uses.


Reception function

We all know that one of its major uses is its reception function. When customers, employees, or other people come to the company. They don’t know when the company’s entrance is, they can find the front desk as soon as possible, and understand the basic situation in time. While avoiding wasting time, it can also ease embarrassment.

In addition,it can also play a guiding role. When we come to a strange place, we usually walk to the front desk involuntarily. Go to consult related questions. The reception desk has actually formed an understanding in our minds imperceptibly. If you have any doubts, ask the service staff at the reception desk. They can help us solve the problem. In addition, most of our express delivery and items are now basically placed at the front desk. Most people cannot enter the work area casually. One is to prevent the loss of important items, and the other is to disturb employees’ work. Attention at work can improve work efficiency and complete work more quickly.


Decoration function

I don’t know if you have noticed that the reception desk can also be used in some places. But its role has changed. It is placed indoors as an ornament.
In some rooms, the entrance will be placed as a porch. Visually partition the space, and effectively use the space of the cabinet to place items. And some others. It is due to the interior decoration. Choose this small Nordic style reception cabinet as a good decoration. It echoes with the whole room. Not only can play a decorative role, but also can place home decoration items, killing two birds with one stone.




As shown on the left, this display cabinet’s material is MDF and backing paint. Pink color, small shape. There is no sense of contradiction when placed at home or in a clothing store. The Nordic style adds a touch of exoticism to the whole decoration. The semi-circular arc design makes it less rigid. Because there is a little curvature, it cannot be made with solid wood materials.


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We (Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd) are a custom company and we have 11 years experience in this field. We have made many reception counters before. And all our customers feel satisfied before.

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