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The front desk is very important for a business, company, or building. When we go to any company or hotel lobby, we can see the front desk dedicated to receiving customers. Their designs are generally very stylish and modern. Because the front desk often represents the image of the company, we need to choose something that looks high-end when we buy. The front desk I am going to introduce today is used in a hotel. Its size is very large and can be used by multiple staff.

Reception Desk Details

This front desk is actually applicable everywhere. We are a custom company, and the size of this front desk is customized according to our customers’ requirements. Its main colors are black and wood. The marble on one side serves as decoration. We have designed many front desks, and most of them are decorated with marble. One is that it has a good touch, and the other is that its texture is very beautiful and it looks very advanced. Inside the front desk are some drawers and cabinets, which we can use to store our files.


Size: 4.8×0.6×0.85m

Basic material: Plywood, marble

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: 3D luminous logo

Production time: About 15 working days




Reception Desk Production

Because the size of the front desk is relatively large, we divide it into several parts during production. After the production is completed, the Lord needs to put them together. The materials of this front desk are plywood and laminate. Its craft is different from baking varnish, it is more cumbersome, and it takes a long time. When we produce, we will have a drawing, which indicates all the dimensions, materials, and construction details. We will check the drawings before production, and we will only produce after there are no problems. The work of our workers is very rigorous. We don’t have to worry about making mistakes.

There are many types of laminates. There are many colors and patterns of wood, we have to choose the color of wood grain and black laminate before production. The marble is also customized according to the size and installed on the front desk. We will install hardware accessories and light strips after finishing all the surface treatments. If there is a light at the front desk, we will also install a transformer so that it can be used normally when you receive the goods.

Packaging and Transportation

Since this front desk is produced in several parts, we also pack separately when packing. Each cabinet is packed in wooden boxes with foam boards inside. The cabinet itself is wrapped with pearl cotton and stretch film. So it is very safe. We will also put a fragile label on the wooden box.

If you do not have your own freight forwarder, we can help you transport it. We can ship to the nearest port or the address you specify. When the goods are approaching the port, a forwarder will notify you to clear customs and pick up the goods. If the customs does not allow individual customs clearance, then we need to find an agent to help us.

How to customize the front desk?

If you want to customize a desk, you can tell me what size you need, send me your logo. If you have your favorite desk style, you can send me. We can design the reception desk according to your size and your requirements. When confirming the design, we can know the exact price and start production.

Desk price: It based on the desk size, material, and style. You can send me your favorite desk, we can give you an estimated price.

Design fee: 300USD.

Design time: 2 working days


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