With the fast development of the recent world, it’s a good idea to open a fast food store in the street. As we all know, fast food becomes very important in our daily life. Because people can’t leave without food and it provides energy for work. Today, I want to introduce a customized fast food store design with you. Hope you can get more ideas from it.

Description of a fast food store


If you are going to open your own business, you should first rent a store. Even a small store can help you better. Like this fast-food store. The main colour is red and green, which attracts people’s eyes. Round posters on the sidewall make your store lovely and people know your business well. When you place the menu here, people can know the price and choose food easily.


Let’s see how fast food store furniture looks like. On the front side is a long reception counter with a display showcase. Next to it are two cake display machine. You can put cakes and bakeries there. People can see and choose the one directly. On the backside, there is a beverage machine, self-service juice machine, and other machines. That can help you serve more people in a short time. Upon the counter are lightbox paintings on the wall. The wall shelves in the sidewall, you can put more items there. The back wall separates the kitchen room from sells counter. Do you like this fast food store design?

3D design picture show

food store furniture cake store design fast food design

How to make a unique fast-food counter?

3D design steps:

First, choose a colour and layout for your store design. Second, find a professional designer team to help you make a unique design. Third, pay for the design drawing. Fourth, create a 3D design model. Fifth, check the design drawing and modify it better. Sixth, decide on a final design picture. Seventh, make construction drawings with details according to the confirmed design picture. So you can get the right fast food store design.

Material introduction:

High-quality fast food store furniture with attractive shapes can help you increase sales. Because it can last for a long time and help you provide good service to consumers. Please find a reliable factory to help you make good products. Here is part of the materials for your reference

  • Main material: Plywood
  • Surface material: Solid wood
  • Kicking: Stainless steel
  • Other materials: Lightbox, stainless steel, hardware, acrylic, etc.

If you have special material requirements, we will use the materials you want. That’s no problem.

Reply to your most concerning question

Q: Could you make a design according to my food shop size?
A: Yes, we can make it according to your shop size and follow your ideas. We are professional in food shop furniture.

Q: How long to get my store design, please?
A: It takes about 3-5 business days to create a design model. If you have a big store and need more furniture, it takes more time. The design drawing to make the new design.

Q: How many 3D designs can you make?
A: We create one model for fast food storage furniture. If you like the first drawing, we can confirm it as the final drawing. If you don’t like it, we can help you make small changes to make it better. Our designer is very professional, I am sure that they can meet your demands.

Q: If you are going to provide shop drawings before the fabrication?
A: Yes, we can help you make a detailed drawing for your confirmation. When you think everything is right, we can start production.

Q: If you can send me actual finishes samples?
A: During the produce time, we will take photos and videos to keep you informed. So you can see how the cart is finished.

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