Everyone likes food, and everyone needs food to survive. The so-called “food is the people’s paradise” not only reveals the instinctive needs of human beings as “advanced animals” in nature but also reveals the simple truth about people advocating food. This truth not only exists in the stage history of a certain country or region but also exists in the history of all human activities.

Description of food store furniture

With the development and progress of the times, the types of food with good taste are becoming more and more abundant. Now, we can see a variety of speciality foods in the streets, shopping malls, and food stores. For those starting a business, now is the best time to start a food store business. If you have good cooking skills and can make delicious food, then you can win many repeat customers. If you don’t know anything about cooking food and making snacks, don’t worry. You can choose to join a chain brand, the head office will provide you with raw materials and provide production processes and training. Or you can hire highly skilled chefs to help you. Under your careful management, I believe you can earn back soon.

Today, I want to share a unique food store with you. It is designed to sell coffee, cakes, ice cream, sweet food and so on. Whatever other food business you start, we can meet your demands. Before decoration the store, the most important thing is to find a suitable store decoration and furniture to build your shop. However, it’s not easy to find the exact store you want, because everyone has different decoration idea. So, you need to make a 3D design first to show the layout, colour, decoration, etc. In this case, you can get an outstanding and attractive food store design.

3D design picture show

coffee tablefood store decoration restaurant furniture

When entering the store, you can see the order counter at the first sight. It is a large working counter with display showcase, machines on top to prepare food. Menu and posters hang on the top side, people can see your products with the price clearly. Cashier register usually put in the front counter, so people can pay bills conveniently. On the backside, you can put sink, machines and wall cabinet to use. Brand LOGO can make customers impress you. There is a door that connects the working counter to the kitchen room, you can prepare more food inside the room. The whole food store has a table and chairs for customers to have a rest and enjoy their meals.

  • Main material: Plywood with solid wood surface
  • Countertop: Stone or other waterproof and fireproof material
  • Kicking: Stainless steel
  • Wall material: Tile or other useful material
  • Logo: Acrylic with light
  • Store size: 120sqm
  • Colour: Wooden colour or another colour you want
  • Functional: Display showcase and sell food


Questions and Answers before order:

Q: What’s the price of the food store furniture?

A: It depends on how many counters and shelves to build for you. If you have a floor plan for the furniture, we can check the price for them

Q: I want to see my store decoration, how should I do?

A: You can first let us know the food store size you have and also tell us all your requirements. Our designer can show the details clearly in the 3D design drawing. In this case, you can see the real effect of your store.

Q: How long should I get the 3D design drawing?

A: Usually it takes 3-5 working days after confirming the details.

Q: What the manufacture time, please?

A: It depends on how many counter and shelf to build. Usually, it takes 25-30 days to finish store furniture. Bigger store with more furniture takes longer time than usual. You should confirm with us when ordering

Q: How to assemble the store furniture?

A: Please don’t worry about it. All the work will finish in our factory. We will build the wood body, decoration the food store furniture, and connect the wires inside it. This furniture also has a light, locked doors, brand logo. Every step should take photos to show you to make sure that’s correct. When you receive the goods, just put them in the right place according to the design drawing. And connect the main switch to the store power supply, it’s very easy.


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