Nowadays, beauty salon service is more and more popular all around the world. It including manicure, pedicure, eyebrow threading, hairdressing, teeth whitening, make-up, skin care and more. In this article what I wanna share is a very luxury cosmetic store fixtures design for your meet. If you’re interested, Please follow me for a few minutes to see more details.

Basic information about this cosmetic store:

     Size:50sqm. or customized based on your store.

     Color: black, white or customized.

     Material: MDF, Tempered glass. acrylic.

     Service: make-up product, skin care product.

     Accessories: led light strip. acrylic letter.

cosmetic store

As you see this cosmetic store, mainly tone is black, match a little white. The basic material is MDF, the surface is baking painting finished. In the middle of this store is a beauty bar for make-up. Here is double sides with mirror. The total is six make-up stations. 

At the left sides are many display racks for display make-up products. The top part is many lightbox showings. It can put the product posters. at the bottom is a wooden counter for storage.

cosmetic store

For the right sides is a special showcase for lipsticks. The next to is some wooden display shelves and TV showings. On the back sides is a images wall and reception counter. At the top part, is some small spotlight. I had to say the light looks very nice and attractive. The whole store with Light color wood grain floor. It’s very nice to match the whole store tone.

Design sevices

Start designing. After you tell us about your details of the cosmetic store and business plan, we will make a 3D design according to your demands. The style of shop and logo you need can display to you in the design. We usually charge the design deposit.exact deposit is based on the store size. Which will be deducted from the total price when you order from us.

Confirm design. We will send the 3D design to you for confirmation in 3-5 working days. During the design process, we can make modifications according to your demands and add some new ideas to your design. When you confirm the final design, we will also do the construction drawings for you to check.

Once all details of the shop are confirmed, you can pay 50% of the order deposit, so we can arrange the production smoothly. And our workers will strictly follow the construction drawings to produce. If you plan to open a store, please contact us here and we will assist you to step by step.

cosmetic store

Packing and delivery :

When the production is finished, We will send pictures and videos of all the furniture for your confirmation. And divide it into several parts for shipment. We will pack them with foam inside and wood crate outside to protect the products from damage during the transportation.

Usually, our method of transportation is by sea to the port nearest to you. The shipping time is about one month and the exact time depends on your port. We can also provide door-to-door’s based on your request.

Thanks for your time and reading. Unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customized different types of retail cosmetic store and cosmetic display fixtures. If you’re interested to start a cosmetic store like this one. Or check more different types of choice can via our cosmetic store fixtures page. Welcome inquiry.

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