Nowadays, beauty salon service is more and more popular all around the world. more and more people start to Take care of himself appearance. you will notice many salon services is coming now. such as manicure, pedicure, eyebrow threading, hairdressing, teeth whitening. cosmetic, massage, skin care and more.

In this article what I wanna share is a very exquisite cosmetic shop design with makeup display stand for sale.

Best cosmetic shop furniture for sale. 

  •      Size: 4000X4000mm or customized.
  •      Color: black, white or others.
  •      Material: MDF, Tempered glass.
  •      Service: for selling cosmetic, skin care product.
  •      Accessories: Led light, mirror, acrylic logo.


When you see the whole store first eyes. I think you will love it very much, I had to say the store looks very exquisite and attractive.

You can see the whole cosmetic shop located in a shopping center, mainly tone is black, match a little white. you will find the store with a big roof with logo and many spotlight decoration.  here have four glass pillar for the support it.   the whole kiosk four sides are opening, the customer also can into the shop to choose the product. 

At the front part is some small display stand for display skin care product. match acrylic acrylic display shelves and led light. it’s very attractive. in the middle of the store is a long display wall for make-up product showings. The illuminate below shoot the lamp appears to grab an eye all the more.


cosmetic shop


Thanks for your time and reading, Unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customized different types of retail cosmetic shop and cosmetic display stand, if you’re interested to start your own cosmetic shop. also can check more related design on our cosmetic store fixtures page, welcome inquiry! 

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