Luxury coffee shop decoration coffee shop counter bar design idea

Nowadays, the atmosphere of coffee shops is usually full of romantic atmosphere, where customers can feel the double pursuit of taste buds and spirit. Shop decoration is one of the most important parts if you want to open a coffee shop. What do you need to consider for a luxury coffee shop design?

This is a luxury coffee shop decoration coffee shop counter bar design idea. We hope you can get some design ideas from this article and helpful for you to start a coffee shop.



This coffee shop with comfortable and harmonious lighting, and the tone is mostly warm. In such a coffee shop, enjoy a calm mind, simple and nostalgic feelings, here, you can listen to music, can read, and just enjoy yourself. It has a long coffee counter for you to put the equipment and for the staff to work here. The wall has a display shelf and in the middle of the blackboard can write the menu. 

A long bar counter for the customer to sit and have coffee. This long coffee bar counter also has the sofa seating for 2 people, 4 people. A whole coffee shop effect is high-end and comfortable. We can make the layout according to your need. You can let us know your idea about the design and the layout.


We will make a customize cafe store design for you. Please send us your cafe shop size and if you have the equipment list is great. In this 3D design, you can check how the equipment will place and the size of the counter or everything. Our professional design team can make a whole cafe shop design for you. Please welcome to contact us for more details!

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