American style coffee store bread kiosk solid wood cafe bar counter

If you want to start a coffee shop business, how to start it and what is the best idea for the store design? There are questions you need to consider before you start this business. You can find many design ideas on our website of the coffee shop design.

This is an American style coffee store bread kiosk solid wood cafe bar counter design. You can check this design if you prefer American style coffee shop. Let us check it together.



This is a coffee and bread shop with American style. It has a coffee bar and the back side is a wall display cabinet. The top part of the wall display cabinet has the menu. So that the customer can check and order the food here. You can display some foods like the coffee bean.

On the opposite wall is the bread display area. It has the wall display showcase and display racks for the bread. A small counter for pick up the bread. The equipment for the bread can put inside and outside for the sales area.


For the material of this coffee store bar counter, we can use a solid wood strip for the front design. And the countertop we need to use stone material as it needs to be waterproof is better. The countertop of the coffee bar counter has a glass display showcase. For this glass display showcase, we can use 8mm tempered glass.


It has some customers worried about how we going to ship the coffee store furniture as they are big volume. We will ship them by sea and we will pack them divided into a few parts. Please send us your address then we can check it for you.

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