Luxury Chocolate Kiosk Nice Sweeet Candy Cabinet for Sale

cake kioskThe chocolate kiosk is good to sell all kinds of chocolate products and sweet food. It includes a chocolate display showcase, cashier counter, workbench, brand logo wall, and storage cabinets. Here is a nice sweet candy kiosk sharing with you.

Information about chocolate kiosk

This chocolate kiosk size is 3m by 2m, main material is plywood, solid wood finish, the acrylic brand logo with lighting, stainless steel kicking. Wood color is very popular for chocolate kiosks, the countertop is in black color, looks elegant and luxurious.

cupcake standFront counter display

The front counter has a display counter with a 3D luminous logo on the counter body. There is a glass display showcase at the top to show all kinds of chocolates. You can store raw materials and chocolates here for sale.

Cashier counter

There is a cashier counter at the side, which can use to pay bills and can also reception clients. Brand name and logo can also be set here to remind people of your business. The front also has a model to leave a deep impression on people.

Back wall counter

Backside has a long line display counter here, behind it is a large candy model, So that clients can understand your business well and can also see you from distance. You can also set the water sink on the counter table for usage.

cake cabinetBrand logo wall

A lovely chocolate and cake kiosk play works well for this chocolate kiosk. It brings more business and can also highlight your brand. You can also express company culture and warm service to customers.

If you want nice and attractive kiosk designs, just let me know. Our designers and workers can help do this.

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