Nowadays, the technique of eyebrows has become more and more mature. Many people who love beauty will go to the eyebrow threading kiosk and spending time and money on eyebrows. Now is the best time to start the eyebrow business. Because this is your first impression of your customers and a symbol of your brand image. Today, I want to share a charming eyebrow station with you. Please don’t miss it.

How to operate an eyebrow threading station?

Before starting an eyebrow studio, you need to conduct market research, including what kind of service to provide? What is the right price for each? Then calculate and estimate the costs and benefits. The most important thing is to find the studio and determine the main service group. This will relate to the decoration style and profit of the eyebrow threading kiosk.

To open an eyebrow station, you must have solid skills. Good technology and service will enable you to get more customers and go further. Your customer will introduce their friends to you, so you have a relatively stable source of customers.

Choose a fixed business location. For an eyebrow threading shop, good decoration and reasonable counter placement are essential. People will first see your shop decoration then choose you when in need. For entrepreneurs, opening in a shopping center is a good choice. Most of the malls are women customers, they can enjoy eyebrow threading service when go shopping. So you can make money more easily.

Real pictures show

3D design pictures show

The design drawing can show you the kiosk design clearly. And you can also view the color decoration, brand logo decoration, etc. And can even make small changes to find a better kiosk idea.

eyebrow furniture eyebrow threading shop eyebrow station eyebrow booth

Real pictures for your reference

Here you can see how it looks like in real life. When we finish the goods, we will assemble them in our factory. Then turn on the light and test wires to make sure everything works correctly. Whenever you need details, we can take pictures to show you.

bar counter eyebrow threading kiosk

This eyebrow threading kiosk has 3 working stations. The size is 3.7m by 2.6m. It has an elegant ceiling in the entrance. The whole kiosk has a light and illuminated logo. This is a very popular and classic eyebrow kiosk in our factory. We made more than 5 sets of different sizes.

How to make a unique eyebrow threading kiosk?


The eyebrow pavilion is located in the shopping center, so many shoppers walk around the eyebrows. It was a bit awkward when other people stared at the kiosk. So many eyebrow pavilions are designed with higher display stands, that is, mirror walls.

More vivid colors

The color of the eyebrow pavilion is very important because it is aimed at female customers, so more vivid colors are used in the design of the eyebrow pavilion. Red, pink, orange, blue, and purple are very attractive and encourage consumers to experience beauty services.

Professional eyebrow chairs

Eyebrow threading service or facial treatment may take 30 to 60 minutes, so a comfortable threading chair is very important. Well-designed chairs and tables have more legroom under the table, making customers feel more relaxed.

Durable countertop

Unlike traditional display cabinets, the working surface of the eyebrow pavilion should be more durable and scratch-resistant. This is because many beauty tools are used during the service. Artificial stone is a cost-effective Meeting face material.

Storage drawers

Eyebrow Pavilion needs more drawers instead of large storage cabinets. This is because most of them are small items, such as beauty tools, so it is best to use drawers to organize storage space.

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