4m by 2m Eyebrow Extension Kiosk with Nail Table supplier

Are you ready to start your own business? Do you plan to open an eyebrow extension kiosk in the mall? With the development of the times, people like to use eyebrows to make themselves look more beautiful and charming. And beauty eyebrow technician is becoming more and more popular worldwide. If you have superb eyebrow tattooing skills or hire a senior eyebrow technician to help you, I believe you can have more customers and be successful. Today, I want to introduce a unique eyebrow kiosk to you.

4m by 2m Eyebrow Extension Kiosk for sale

  • Color: White with pink and blue color
  • Size: 4m by 2m
  • Material: MDF
  • Surface: Baking paint
  • Brand logo: Acrylic
  • Kicking: Stainless steel

As we can see in the picture, there is 3 eyebrow threading table for work. That set on the back wall better protects people’s privacy and saves space. People can also pay bills when they leave your shop because the check out counter is in the exit. While the outside wall is good to put a brand logo, posters, and even the menu. One nail table at the entrance help you provide manicure service and earn more money. Do you notice the two high stand with eyebrow model? Yes, it not only vividly reflects your products and services but also attracts people’s attention even if they are far away.

Real picture show

From the picture, we can see the details clearly of the eyebrow extension kiosk. And you can also make full use of the space in advance.  Do you like this eyebrow kiosk decoration?

eyebrow kiosk eyebrow station

How to manufacture the mall kiosk

Firstly, make and confirm your eyebrow kiosk design. Whenever you find somewhere not good enough, please modify it better before confirmation. Secondly, order and pay the production deposit. Thirdly, our workers build the wood models follow the design, and take pictures for your reference. Fourthly, hidden wires inside the kiosk and complete the surface look. You can see the effect of this step. Then pay the balance now to ensure that it can arrive before shipment. Finally, install doors, drawers, light strips, etc. on the cabinet and connect the wires. The logo will also be completed in this step. Manufacture time need 25-28 working days. And should leave 2-3 days to clean the kisok and package it well.

How to make a customized nail kiosk?

Eyebrow beauty is popular among young people. Most of them choose fashionable shops and skilled technicians for their eyebrows. So it’s very important to decorate the eyebrow kiosk in a good way. Bright color helps a lot to attracts more clients, as it always attracts people in a good way. Unique shape, layout not only help you work well, but also highlight your eyebrow shop. Please don’t ingore this. The most important thing is light decoration. It makes your shop stands out in the mall center and also attracts more clients here. If you have no idea about eyebrow kiosk decoration, please choose a basic style and tell us your requirements. Our professional designer will help you make new kiosk design. We can also give you more good ideas.

If you have any question about kiosk decoration and design, please feel free to contact us here. Our factory has more than 12 years experience in kiosk fields. I am sure that you can get high quality eyebrow threading kiosk from us. Whenever you have any interest, we can even share more new kiosk design and real kiosks pictures for you to choose from. Looking to discuss more details with you. Thank you.

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