Luxury and Useful Coffee Kiosk Retail Cafe Booth Design for Sale

coffee counterThe coffee kiosk is popular among poeple, and more and more poeple open a coffee kiosks in the shopping mall to earn money. If you plan to open a coffee shop in the shopping mall, this coffee kiosk design helps a lot. It has a working area, and display showcase counter, and also provides a seating area for clients to sit down.

Introduction of a coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk fits a large location size such as 4m by 5m. We can place the cashier counter, seating area, and business logo in a good place. Lighting lamps are also used to decorate the coffee kiosk and create a unique shop theme.

coffee standFront area

The front has two individual counters on both sides. And the center is a space for clients to enter the shop. There are business logos and slogans on the counter body. The main material is plywood with gray lamination and the solid wood countertop looks very attractive.

coffee cabinet

Side view

The left side has a dining table with bar chairs, poeple can sit down with friends and drink coffee here. The top has a metal frame to hang the business logo. The menu can also attach here to remind people. And it has wall display cabinets on one side, you can show products here to increase sales.

Back area

The backside has wall cabinets to use as a storage area. The cashier counter is set in the front of it to check bills. It’s a good idea to add coffee machines and topping on the counter. That can help you serve more poeple at the same time.

Effects at the mall

coffee shop  coffee booth  coffee counter

It can also customize according to your ideas. So whenever you plan to start, please contact us soon.

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