Attractive and Hign End Coffee Kiosk in the Mall

cofffee kioskThe coffee shop is easy to run and to earn money. No matter where you rent the location, it’s a good idea to customize a suitable coffee kiosk to start a business. Because the coffee kiosk shows your brand theme and also a place to make food. Here is an attractive coffee kiosk sharing with you.

Description of a coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk includes a display counter, work table, and display showcase. You can also set a table and chairs for clients to seat. You can use it to sell coffee, bread, bubble tea, ice cream, etc. The size is 4m by 2m, we can also make it fit your location size. This kiosk mainly uses solid wood strip decoration and looks attractive and natural.

cafe bar counterLayout information

We can see the front area has a display counter on the countertop. A cashier register is set near it so that clients can order and pick up food directly. Usually, the posters and menu are set here to guide people to buy food.

The back counter has display counter cabinets. A water sink is set on the countertop for washing. We should also leave enough space for the necessary equipment. And the top has cabinets and shelving to increase the storage area. The side has an entrance door to enter the shop.

coffee booth


There is a big roof at the top, that makes clients notice your business when attaching the business logo. It’s a good idea to attach lights under the ceiling to increase brightness.


Most shopping mall requires flooring, that is to protect the mall flooring. It can also remind people to enter your shop area. Please choose floor material and color that highly matches your brand theme.

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