Are you looking for a lockable retail display unit so you can close it after business day? We, here a unique design retail merchandising unit for you. This is a typical square retail stands with four sides fully open. The whole structure built with square decor lamination Which coordinated with the full stand design.  while the dark grey frame and black lines give the stand a unique and cubic feeling.

The frame of the structure made from a 2.5mm thick metal frame in powder coating finish.  , Bottom is a big storage cabinet that you can stock as much as you need.  We also apply strong casters wheels in the bottom of the unit, so u can move it into any location easily. What’s more, we have a brake on all the casters, so you can stop wherever you want.

Best retail display unit for sale 

Do u want to order this display unit, the following specifications you may interest to know?

  • Size 2200*1200*2200 mm (any customized size is available.)
  • Full Weight 175KG
  • Material are 1.5mm metal in powder coating finish.
  • 4 locable doors
  • 2 spots lights.
  • Price is 4200USD/ 1 set, 4000USD/5 set, 3700USD /10sets


Unique Kiosk is a professional retail display unit, retail stands designer & manufacturer. We always custom design and manufacture retail merchant stands according to custom unique ideas. and fabric it with high-quality and cost-effective materials.  If you are starting an outdoor retail business or indoor stands and looking for a commercial display unit. Welcome to give a call. Our professioan team will help you create a unique, satisfied and cost-effective display unit.

Except for retail merchanding stands and display units, we also have an outdoor kiosk, promotion stands and pop up kiosk for sale. If You interest in getting a display fixtures from us. pls contact us.

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