Latest design cell phone cases glass display cabinet retail mall kiosk

The function of a cell phone case is to protect your cell phone not broken and also can beautify it. So people can have not only one cell phone case for their mobile phone. You can find many various and cheap cell phone cases on the market.

People who want to start a business can try to sell mobile phone accessories. Meanwhile, you can offer a cell phone repair service. A suitable cell phone kiosk can help you to start such a business. Below share with you the latest design cell phone cases glass display cabinet retail mall kiosk design.



For a cell phone accessories kiosk, the main function is to show the products clearly to let the customer choose them. So the display area of the cell phone accessories kiosk needs to make it visible and bright.

The display area of this cell phone accessories kiosk is the glass shelf display showcase. Meanwhile, on the bottom of the inside is the storage cabinet with the sliding door.

It has a cylindrical display stand with the acrylic logo on the top, this one also can display some products.

Next to the cylindrical display stand is a cashier desk. You can put a computer and has the pull out board for the keyboard and has storage drawers on the bottom. It has a small counter on the left of the cashier desk. This is a mobile counter that can as an entrance.



The material of this cell phone accessories kiosk we can use plywood with laminate. For the color of the laminate, we will send the color sample to you then you can choose a favorite color.

The glass we usually use 8mm tempered glass, or you can choose 10mm or 12mm thickness. It has the led strip light on the top of each glass display cabinet.

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