Large Capacity Food Cart Practical Food Cabinet For Retail Business

If you want a food cart to start a business, you should not only find a display cart but also a suitable one. Do you meet problems like the food cart place is not enough for use?  If yes, let us have a look at this food cart.

Description of the food cart

This picture is on the front side, you can see the wooden color shape. You can also see the menu or poster was hung on the top ceiling.  When people come to order food, they can see your product menu and price, so you can save time making food.  There are four hollow bulb decorations, it looks more beautiful.

Food cart

From the back side, usually, you stand this side to work.  We can see the white counter on the left and the black counter on the right. At the same time, we design the tempered glass shield to divide the work area and customer. You can see the left side, the countertop is stainless steel, with a groove on it, you can cook some hot food. However, the countertop on the right side is wooden laminate. What’s more, you can see a storage drawer on both sides, which is not decoration.

food cacrt

The detail of the drawer

In this picture, we can see the inside of the drawer. It has several layers to put things, such as beverages, oil, sauce, soy sauce cooking wine, etc. all in all, this food kiosk has a high capacity, and can meet your demands.

food cacrt

One special place

You can see a special place, the left side has a foldable shelf. When you need it, you can open the shelf to put some prepared food or some tools on it. You can close it if you don’t need it. So that you can save place to avoid crowded.

food cart

Finally, this is a special food cart.  If you want an outdoor food cart for your business, welcome to send an inquiry to us. We are a customized kiosk factory in china.  This is a kiosk we did for our customers. We can help you with a new design.

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