Jewelry shop design:

The development of the jewelry shop industry is now very good. Before opening a store, if you can start a store in cooperation with a comprehensive strength jewelry company. The chances of success will be much greater. It has many jewelry headquarters on the market today, and investors will not know how to make a decision. Before investing, the franchise can score the investment environment according to the above conditions. And draw their own advantages and disadvantages, and then sit in the right place and choose the brand that can provide the maximum help to their weak projects.

Jewelry shop design


External environment. The external environment includes the location of the jewelry store, the facade decoration of the jewelry store, and so on. The geographical location of the jewelry store has a very close relationship with sales. The most obvious is the geographical location, which directly affects the size of the passenger flow. Therefore, many jewelers have opened jewelry stores in the bustling streets of some cities or famous tourist attractions. In order to attract more customers into the store to visit and purchase. Facade decoration (also known as signboard) is a brand identify stores and solicit business. It can enhance consumers’ impression of the store and also serve as an advertisement.


Jewelry shop design


How to start a jewelry store kiosk design?

Before we make the design, we usually charge 500-600 USD for the design deposit ( this is a part of the total cost ).

Please send us the floor plan for your store. We will send the 3D design drawing to you within 3-5 working days after we receive your design deposit.

We will revise the design until you are satisfied with it. ( 3 times for free ).

Confirm the final design, pay 50% deposit, and then we can start the production.


Jewelry shop design


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