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Huawei’s mobile phone is part of Huawei’s consumer business. And it is one of Huawei’s three core businesses. Huawei’s consumer business began in late 2003. After more than ten years of development, in China, Russia, Germany, Sweden, and India. And they have established 16 R&D centers in the United States and other places.

In 2015, Huawei was selected as one of the top 100 global brands in Brand Z, ranking 16th in the technology sector. And Huawei shipped more than Apple’s mobile phone, ranking second in the world. Nowadays most of our foreign customers are using Huawei brand mobile phones. Here share its shop design from Shenzhen Unique factory designer team.

The design of the mobile store display furniture design:

Let’s review the details of its shop design. when you enter this shop. the first impression is its image logo.

You can see on the 3d design there are many wall display cabinets. It has the slatwall display, wooden shelves display. The main material of this mobile phone shop is wood veneer with baking paint, metal frame. On the corner of the shop has a small bar desk. The customer can sit and try the products. Near the bar desk it has a cashier counter. And in the middle of this shop, it is an experience area, the customer can try and use what phone model they like.

Well, that is the whole design of this mobile phone shop. This shop design is very simple and lets customers remember easily. Do you like the same design as this shop? If you have any more ideas and problems pls feel free to contact our sales team, thank you.

How to open a mobile phone store?

Nowadays, mobile phones have become a necessity for almost every household. And the functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more and more new generations. So many people are considering opening mobile phone shops to make money. But any industry may have risks, so while considering how to make money from opening a mobile phone shop, we must also be mentally prepared, and make some preparations and plans. 

A good location is the most important for a cell phone store.

The location of the cell phone store is very important. You can never open a mobile phone store in a place where you sell vegetables, so it is very important to choose a suitable place to open a mobile phone store. The mobile phone shops should be located in commercial districts with more crowds as much as possible, so as to attract more consumers.

Do not open in remote areas, preferably shopping areas. You can rent a stall in a pedestrian street or a shopping mall. The decoration in the shop is best to be bright. There is a good customer experience area to try your mobile phone. You can also choose a street in a mobile phone shop, but you must have the characteristics of your own shop. Retaining customers, after all, this kind of place is more competitive.

How to make the mobile phone shop interior decoration design?

We are the customize shop display furniture manufacturer. So all our display showcase customized for our customer. That is why we don’t have the product in stock. Each customer has their own requirement, different brand logo, different shop size and so on. Our design team can customize the whole cell phone shop 3d design for you. Before we make the 3d design, the shop design will charge 500-800USD design deposit. This depend on your shop size. We can discuss it and make the change for you if needed.


Please feel free to contact us at email sales08@uniquekiosk.com. Thank you!



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