How to correctly choose Plywood or MDF materials for kiosk

Quality is the first step that customers care about. A good kiosk not only will it boost your business, but it will also win customers. and the quality of the product depends largely on its basic materials. When we accept customer inquiries, this is the most common problem we encounter.

If some experienced customers, they will even ask the question: Which one would be better
when using plywood either MDF for making his kiosk? What is the difference?

In fact, there is no judgment of standard for plywood and MDF, only the more suitable fields,
because they have their own irreplaceable advantages.
For example, MDF, which has a hard texture and a smooth surface, can be treated with baking
varnish, will make your kiosk have a very good luster. It looks very advanced and modern. So it is
often more suitable for salon kiosks, like cosmetic kiosk, eyebrow threading kiosk, or jewelry kiosk, watch kiosk, mobile phone kiosk, and so on.
Another point is that the color of baking paint is particularly various, with a lot of similar colors,
so you can have more choices in color. It is not easy to deform itself, but it is also easy to make a
special shape, such as a round, curved shape, and the cost is relatively low.

However, MDF is easy to swell when exposed to water, so the moisture resistance is poor. If the
weather is always damp, one needs to avoid buying furniture made of MDF material. In addition, MDF
has no fireproofing effect with baking varnish, if your store has a higher fire rating, we suggest
that use the plywood.
Because plywood itself is very waterproof, so it is always the main material of food cabinets.
And fire-proof plate on it is very fire, high temperatures, corrosion resistance. Very durable.
Its texture is harder than the MDF, it is not easy to deform, and more durable, so it is not easy
to make a unique shape. If it is necessary, the cost will be higher. In addition, the color of
the fire-proof plate is a few similar, so the color selection range is small.

Therefore, what kind of material is better depends on the type and style of your kiosk. If you
make a food kiosk, choose plywood and fire-proof plate. If it is a salon kiosk and the fire rating is
not strict, using MDF will give you a higher modern sense.

If you have other questions about furniture fabrication or want to start your business in the
mall, please feel free to ask us. Unique Furniture Ltd company has many years of experience in
custom shopping mall furniture, we can provide you with professional answers and suggestions!

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