Fast food and street food become more and more popular in recent years. Because it’s very convenient for people to buy food on the way to work and go home. For a business owner, they can push or ride the fast-food cart to a different place and meet more people. So they can sell more food and earn money. In this case, choose a suitable street food cart is very important to start a business.

Introduction about the street food cart

  • Size: 1200mm L×600mm W×1800mm H
  • Colour: Yellow and white
  • Function: Display and sell food
  • Material show: Plywood, laminate, mental frame, wheels and hardware
  • Style: Unique and modern style

As we can see in the picture, it is designed for our customers from Africa. He can use it to sell different kinds of food. It is the yellow countertop and white body, makes the cart standing out and catches eyes attention. On the backside is a locked door, you can restore things easily. The stainless steel handle along with wheels help you move the food cart easily. You can also put the brand logo and posters on the front body and on the top ceiling. So customers can know you from far away.

3D design picture show

food cart street cart food cart

How to make the unique street food cart design?

First, decide a style to start. It’s better to add your own ideas to the cart.

Second, find a designer to help you make a 3D design. You should tell them your requirements, such as size, colour, layout, machine, etc. to make sure it’s your kiosk.

Third, make the 3D design. It needs 2-3 business to finish the first drawing.

Fourth, check the 3D design carefully. If you want to make small changes, we can help you modify in time

Fifth, confirm the design. If it’s the design you need, it should be the final design.

Finally, make construction drawing. The construction drawing follows on the design photo to make sure you receive the correct street food cart.

How to manufacture this food kiosk

When arranging the order to our workshop, we should first prepare materials. Then make the wood body, which needs about 3-8 days. In this step, you can see the cart models. Next step is to make the surface treatment and hidden wires inside the cart if needed. It needs about 5-7 days. Finally, install the cart well, including wheels, locked doors, ceiling and sockets. It needs about 5 days. In this step, you can view how it looks like in real life. Before shipping, we need about 2 days to clean the cart and package well. We will take photos and videos to inform you all the step when you check everything is correct, we can help you ship the goods.


Q: Could I put machine inside the cart for sell hot dog?

A: Yes, you can put the hot dog machine on the top. If you need to put another machine, please tell us its dimension, we can help you add to the design picture to see the effort

Q: How much does it cost to get the street food cart?

A: For a standard street food cart, it costs 1800-3500usd. Which depends on the size and style. So, if you have a limited budget, we can also help you make one meet your demand.

Q: Can it be folded?

A: It can’t be folded, we will make it as a whole, so you can use it directly.

Q: When could I receive it from order?

A: When we confirm the order and know the cart style, we can start production. It takes 15-18 days to manufacture it. And shipping time need about 30 days, depending on the destination.

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