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The cell phone is a common communication tool now. Almost everyone has a cell phone, not only men or women, young and old all need it. If you are looking for a mobile phone shop, you can find many designs on our website. Meanwhile, we provide the customize cell phone shop design service.

A beautiful and professional cell phone shop design is very important for your business. Now let us share you a modern style cell phone shop design, hope you can like this kind of style. You can check this design for your reference.



The entrance door of this mobile phone shop is glass door. When the customer pass by your shop, they can see what you sell directly.

So that is why we need to make a good cell phone shop design. If the customer see your shop is attractive and interested in your products, they will go inside to shop.

If necessary, you can add a big lighted logo on the storefront then the customer can know your brand also.



Let me introduce the layout of this cell phone shop design to you. It has a simple cashier counter and on the back side is a feature wall with a 3D acrylic lighted logo.

On the two sides of the wall, with the wall display cabinets against the wall. They are glass shelf display and slatwall display. On the top we make it lighted box then you can put some pictures or logo inside.

On the middle of the shop has the display stand, this area can display some hot sale products.



If you are looking for a customized shop design, just need to send the floor plan or shop size to us. Then our design team will make a new cell phone shop design for you with all your ideas!

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