Modern honey display kiosk honey display counter used in Canada

Do you like honey friend?I love honey very much, because it really very yummy and have many benefits. We all know that honey promotes digestion and thus plays a role in making your skin better.In fact expect this, it has have many other benefits. It can help improve sleep, strengthen immunity, and has rich nutritional value. So many people will choose to have a bottle of water with honey.This is good for health and taste very yummy. Expect the honey shop many people now start do a honey display kiosk to sell honey.

Honey Display Kiosk:

The kiosk we use the plywood as a main material. The surface we use laminate to do it. You can see there are many designs to decorate it. The kiosk include the logo, light box, and so on. The kiosk can provide many service like  skin care product, beauty spa, and so on.


This kiosk is 15ft by 10ft, it is a open style design, allow customers go inside to select and experience the honey products. This kiosk is a plain style, just light wood color match white, but looks very nature. You can see if have 3 display counters,outside are display, inside is table, people can sit here try the honey or honey products. It also has a room allow people to try the honey cosmetics or do facial care. To match the Royal bee theme, it add many hexagon displays. It can display also can be decoration.

More Details for This honey Display Kiosk

1. Size: 15ft by 10ft or customize as your needs
2.color: light wood, brown,white
3. materials: man-made stone for counter-top,surface used wood laminate, plywood as a basic material.
4: Others: stainless steel baseboard, LED light strip, 8mm tempered glass, luminous acrylic logo, light box painting.

How to Make New One?

We are custom manufacturer and can customize new one for you. You just tell me your ideas for the kiosk. We have professional design team, can display all of your ideas on the 3d design. So if you have nay ideas, just feel free to tell me. We will get back your ideas to our designer. If you have any modifications for the 3d design, we will assist you modify it.

Production Process

The production process include the wooden cabinet, stick laminate, installation. When we produce the wooden cabinet, we will prepare the material and cutting them according to the size. Then we need to assemble the wooden board. Then we need to stick the laminate. You can see there are different color laminate, we we need to cut the laminate according to the construction drawings. So you know the size is very important to build the kiosk.

Final step is to install the logo, light box, light strip and some other necessaries. It will make the kiosk more beautiful and attractive.

do you like this kiosk design? If you want to open a honey display kiosk or other kiosk, and don’t know how to do. Here we can help you. From design to production to ship, we can do for you. You just need to tell us your needs like size,color,how to layout etc,our design team will design the kiosk for you see. Then after you ok we can start make it and  ship it to you.


Many customer worry the item, because we all know that the time include the design time, shipping time and production time. The design time will take 3-5 working days; it will take 22-25 working days to produce the kiosk. You can tell me which port is near to you, then we will help you check the shipping time.

Don’t Hesitate!if you have any needs just feel free contact us!



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