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Many people may have ever thought that they want to open a store or start a small business in the shopping center. they think that it is a good idea to open a brand clothing store, brand shoes store,etc. But there are may be have several clothing/shoes store in one floor. And the whole mall with 4-5 floor would be over more 10 clothes  accessories shops. So the  competitive and challenge is very big.

food showcase

Buying a food showcase to start to sell the food snack business would be more easy. The snack like hot dog, popcorn, waffle, crepe, etc. Because no one can stand the temptation of food while they hesitation for buying the clothes.   This food showcase can be used in the shopping mall. We can not only sell the snack such as hot dog, popcorn, waffle, crepe, but  also selling the juice. It is a good choice to start the business with this food showcase.

Firstly  there are a lot of people going shopping in the mall. When they are get tired and thirty, They need food and juice to supplement energy. Secondly hot dog is  very popular snack food among the world. On average, a hot dog can be sold every 10 seconds. And the consumption structure of Americans shows that they eat 90 hot dogs each year. Thirdly there are a cinema in the shopping mall, the people like to eat popcorn while they are watching the movie. So the popcorn will be in great demand.

Introduce of the food showcase.

The basic material is MDF with surface baking paint. Size 2*4 meter. From the picture we can see that several lockers with doors,so we can storeage things inside. A sink , logo, lightbox menu we can customize for you. The white iron basket we can put menu booklet on there.  Let’s see maore details as below.

food showcase

Its colors are mainly dark brown and white, and it looks very beautiful. The two high signs with grass decoration, and the logo and some decorations are added to the outside of the kiosk to make the kiosk look more unique. It mainly includes a small sink, cash register and some lockers and so on. We mainly do custom kiosk, we do not provide ice cream machines, but if you need, we can help you find machine suppliers and get good prices. We can also add the machines in design  so that you see the overall effect.

food showcase


Usually opening a new kiosk in a shopping mall requires make 3D  design first. Because the mall center needs to be reviewed. Doing the design first also allows you to better confirm the details. Our designers will design a new layout according to your size and requirements. You can send us the logo, product picture and price, and we can help you make a light box painting, so that your kiosk looks better and perfect. Our design time is 2 working days. When you check the design, you can tell us what you think, and we can help you modify it. We want to help you complete the perfect project, so we do it step by step based on your requirements.

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