High-quality Tattoo Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Design Mall Stall

Hi everyone. Eyebrows can make someone lucky, do you know? In traditional Chinese physiognomy, the thickness and shape of eyebrows can not only reveal a person’s personality but also affect a person’s luck and momentum. Different eyebrow shapes can bring you different fortunes!

The effect of eyebrows on women is even more obvious than that of men because among the facial features, eyebrows are decisive and crucial. Eyebrow shape, color, density, thickness, etc., will give people different feelings and impressions. For example, too deep or too thick eyebrows will make people feel fierce. Eyebrows that are too light or too sparse may make people feel less energetic. At this time, you must rely on moderate eyebrows and eyebrows to help you create a different impression and momentum.

Customize eyebrow kiosk design

Today I want to introduce the eyebrow threading kiosk. The size is about 4×2.5m, material MDF with baking paint. Inside the kiosk, it has two work stations with mirrors for the eyebrow. And the glass showcase for display some products.

The color is red and white, with light blue led strip lights. If you want other colors, we can customize for you as you like. We can see from the 3d design of the eyebrow kiosk, it has the white color acrylic lighted logo. We can customize the logo for you.

The mirrors with lights around and the barber chairs. And on the other side of the mirrors, it has two lighted boxes with posters. The glass display showcase of the eyebrow kiosk we will add some white color led strip light so that it can light up the products and let the customer can see them more clearly. Inside the glass cabinet is a sliding wooden door with the same lock with key. If you want more glass display cabinets to display your products, we can change the design for you with more glass display cabinets.

This is the top view design of the eyebrow threading kiosk. We can notice that the entrance door is inserted in the eyebrow kiosk and it is a sliding door. This kind of door we usually use for many eyebrow kiosks. This kind of sliding door of the eyebrow kiosk can work well and useful. Inside has a table with 2 chairs, this area can for the customers to have drinks and wait here. It has a small cashier counter with some cabinets under it for storage. We can discuss together the layout of the eyebrow to make it as your requirements. This is just the one we made for other customers for your reference.

How to work with us for the eyebrow threading mall kiosk?

At first, please contact our sales team for your requirements. We will take time to fully understand your demand. And then, we suggest to start the 3D design to show you what it will look like. For the design, we will charge a 300USD design deposit but will return to you when order the kiosk. Our designer will provide initial sketches & 3D visuals to ensure we match your needs. If you want any changes, we will change as you like.

After confirming the final 3D design, we quote the costs and confirm all the details. The factory start to prepare the materials after we receive 50% deposit. We will send the production pictures for you to check everything. 50% balance before shipping. We will start to pack the eyebrow threading kiosk. And then we can arrange the shipment for you. We can ship the eyebrow kiosk to the port or door to door address.




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