As people’s living standards improve, more and more people want to look more charming. And a pair of beautiful eyes can impress people. This is why many women choose services such as eyebrow threading and eyelash extensions. Because it can make our eyebrows look better, and it can make our eyes look better. It’s a great time to open an eyebrow studio to start your own business. For most operators, opening an eyebrow pavilion in the mall is the best option. Because it can help us control costs. Now, I want to introduce a customized eyebrow station with you. Hope it can help you better.

Information about black eyebrow bar counter

  • Size: 10ft by 10ft
  • Color: Black and white
  • Function: Provide eyebrow theading, eyelash service
  • Material: MDF, high glossy baking paint, stainless steel, light strip, mirror, acrylic, light box, etc.
  • Brand: Unique Furniture
  • Logo: Customer’s brand name
  • Design idea: Follow on customers’ requirements
  • Design time: 2-3 business days
  • Production time: 20-25 days

This kiosk has 3 working area, it is set on the back side. In the entrance, there is a high stand to hang on brand name and logo, and there are light box paint here to tell people know more about your service. The cashier register is also put in the back of high stand of eyerbow kiosk. While we enter the shop, there is a sofa in the left side. The sink is on the right side. On the bottom are locked drawers and cabinets for storage. Menu is put up on the mall, so that people can choose the service in advance. We should also leave space to inseart TV to play video advertise. Do you like this eyebrow bar kiosk?

3D design pictures show

eyebrow threading kiosk eyebrow station eyebrow bar eyebrow service counter

How to make it match to your business?

You can tell us what size do you have in the mall center. And also let us know what color and working area is good for you. Our designer can make a similar design to show your own eyebrow bar counter. When you like it and production the eyebrow kiosk follow on the drawing, you can get the right mall kiosk you want. If you need one for your new shop, please feel free to contact us. We are here and ready to help.

Contacts: Sunny                   Email: sales02@uniquekiosk.com                   Whatsapp: +86 13602680324

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