High quality mall T-shirt kiosk modern style design for clothes kiosk design

Now that the climate is getting warmer, people are also starting to buy summer clothes, and T-shirts are the hot sellers in summer. If you open a clothing store in the shopping mall, the cost will be a bit high, such as rent and store decoration, etc. You can choose to open a T-shirt display kiosk, it can help you save time and cost. And start your business as soon as possible.

High quality mall T-shirt kiosk decription

The color of this T-shirt kiosk is mainly white and yellow, which looks simple and fashionable. There are two layers outside the kiosk, so you can put a lot of T-shirts for customers to choose. It has two cash registers counter and multiple storage cabinets inside,this layout is both reasonable and practical. The brand name and logo are added to the high signage, so that customers can leave an impression at the first time, and customers know your kiosk location and clothing brand.

Let’s pay attention to the posters on the outside of kiosk. We all know that T-shirts have a custom service that prints people’s favorite patterns and logos. Personalized posters not only easy get the customer’s attention, also show your service.

More details

Size: 3m x 3m.custom make the size as you need

Material: MDF and baking paint, lghtbox, high signe, stainless steel, hardware. etc.

MOQ:1 set.

Prodution time: 20-26 working days. Depends on the quantity of kiosks and furniture

Design time:3-4 working days

Design idea: From our customer and designers

Our company has an excellent design team, and our designers will have different design ideas every day, to ensure that the design is unique and attractive. If you already have the idea of designing your own kiosk and need to make a professional 3D design renderings, please contact us.We will do your satisfactory design and based on your requirements.

Real production pictures show

After the customer confirms the final 3D design and construction drawings and pays the 50% deposit of the order, we can arrange production. Our workers will produce exactly according to the design and construction drawing, make sure that the design you confirm is the same as what you received. During the production period, we are not allowed to make modifications. Once the modifications are made, the cost will be paid by the customer, which also extends the production time. If you need, during production our salesman will send you production pictures and videos to let you know our production steps.

Before shipment, we will send the whole kiosk to you for confirmation and clean it. After you confirm that everything is good. Our workers will be divided into several parts for convenience of transportation. For assembly, we will mark each part with a number, such as, etc. After you receive it, you will know how to install according to our construction drawing and number, and and we will also guide you. So is there any need to worry about assembling the whole kiosk.

For design services

After we know the details of the customer’s ideal kiosk, we need to do the design first. Before the design, we need to charge a design deposit of $300, which is the practice of our company and the symbol of our cooperation. Make sure that we are responsible for your design, it is not done all at once, it takes time and design ideas, it needs to be confirmed and modified.

We will deduct the design deposit of $300 from the total price of the order, so the final design is still provided to you for free.Unique display ltd. are professional kiosk manufacturers and we will help you complete a perfect project!

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