High-end Pizza Kiosk Shopping Mall Food Kiosk Booth For Sale

Pizza is a popular fast food. The young people like to eat, especially the children. As we all know, the pizza have many kinds of the tastes, every taste is very delicious. Even the pizza has the high in calories, but the girls still like to eat. There is one popular word in the network: You have the strength to lose weight when you’re full. Excatly, it is right. We all like to eat the delicious food which can let us igore the weight of ourselves at present. Be worthy of love and good food. Obviously, besides th love is important for us, but the food in the world is also important for evryone. To have delicious food is a kind of enjoyment. If you love to eat pizza and want to have a food store but without too much money, let’s see one hamburger pizza kiosk design together.

Description of the pizza kiosk

The kiosk size is 3*5m. The main color of the pizza kiosk is dark wood grain, which looks very high-end. In order to make the kiosk look much refined, the storekeeper have the ideas to add the back wall and the top. He also takes good use of the back wall and the top. Our designer make a design base on his all ideas. So you can see that there are some cabinets, posters and machine on the wall. The cabinet not only can be as the decoration , but also can storage the food materials and machines. Let’s have the view on the front of the kiosk. There is one cash register, and the staff can serve the customers here, and the customers can order and take the food from here. There are the brand logo sign below the cash register, it is a good show for the kiosk. On the right part, there are the showcase to show and put the food. We can also see there are enough space of the countertop as table for customers on two sides, and match the desks also. People can buy the food and sit here to have the food and a short rest. When they still feel hungry, they will buy the food from you again. It is a good and thoughful configuration. Inside the kiosk, there are so much space for you to put many machines and others, such as sinks, oven, refrigerator and so on. Look at the top, there are many light boxes to show different food to people, which can attract the people,especiall the children. Besides, also one black sign to show the logo, then people can the logo easily. There are some lamps on the top to shine the food,which can make the kiosk attrctive.

Description of the pizza kiosk

How to make a design of the kiosk

When you have the ideas, please contact us. Let’s talk about the size, style, color, and the kiosk theme and concept you want, and some equipments you want to put in the kiosk, then I will offer them to our deisgner to make design for you. The design fee is $300. It is a free design, it means it is just the deposit of the kiosk order, when you place the order from us, the design fee can be returned to you. If you have other new ideas, we can make some changes on the design for you. Everything is based on the needs of customers. About the production, after the details and drawing are confirmed by two sides, and we get the 50% payment before production, we will arrange the kiosk for you.

How to make a design of the kiosk

If you are interested in any kiosk or furniture, please contact us soon.

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