Skin care products and cosmetics are very common in our lives. A good skin care product is very important. Because now many people pay great attention to facial maintenance. This has also led to a strong makeup market. You can see that there are many cosmetic booths in the mall. You also can sell the skincare product by the booth.

Next, I will introduce the cosmetic kiosk to you as a reference. If you have any ideas about the business, or kiosk. Please let me know, then we can discuss together.

Skincare Display Stand

The kiosk has a top which has four sets logo. Each side has a logo which is made of the stainelss steel. For the color of the logo, you also can choose. And different color will have the different effect. You can see that there are some spot lights on the top, and can illuminate the whole kiosk. The inside of the kiosk has some display stands which can display your products on it. You can see that there are four display stands on the corner of the kiosk, the front of the each display stand has the light box. And you can put your posters on the stands and advertise your goods.

The middle of the kiosk has a stand. And the stand has a mirror in the middle of the stand. Customer can sit here and try the skincare product.  Bottom of the display stand has the storage space. There are two  galss showcases on the both end of the display stand. You can put your goods on the glass showcase.

As for the floor, the floor is necessory for the kiosk. Becasue there are many single stands, the floor will make the kiosk more tidy and clean. On the other hand, It has a other function which can install the eletric line, and you can connect the electric line with the display stand. Then the display stand can light up.



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