High-end jewelry shop decoration with glass display counter design


Jewelry always very popular all around the world. Especially for women, there’s no way to resist. when you walked in shopping center or commercial street. you will notice there have so many jewelry store.

Do you want to open your own jewelry store? If you still not have any ideas, follow me and take a look.

In this article the jewelry shop i wanna share is very attractive and high-end. let’s see more details here.


Basic information of this jewelry shop.

  • Size: 100sqm. it can customized based on your space size.
  • Material: MDF, tempered glass. acrylic, stainless steel.
  • Accessories: light. poster. hardware.

jewelry shopjewelry shop

We can see the whole  store mainly tone is black, match vermilion and beige color.  it can located in shopping center or The street shops. the front part is opening. we choose put some glass display stand here. (1200x600x1100mm).

other three sides is lean against the wall. we put some high display wall here, match wood display shelves. Each laminate level can hide the light strip.  Next to it is a row of glass display cases.

In the middle of the shop is two single sales area.  is a square shape. Customers can pick and choose from all around, and sales staff can explain it internally. it’s very comfortable.

jewelry shop

How to customized the inside counter fit my jewelry shop?

First, you need contact us and share your shop floor plan to us. tell us what style and color you want. we will according to the floor plan help you do a inside furniture layout.

The second is do a 3d design for the whole store. you can see the whole shop looks. adjust and confirmed the 3d design.

Thrid, Start do the construction plan. you can see all material and measurement.

The last step is start production it according to the last 3d design and construction plan.


About the assemble.

In fact, the whole shop counter assemble is very easy. when you received the cargos, just need according to the design images and floor plan put each counter together. connect the electric wire.  the whole shop will can work.


Thanks for your time and reading.  for more related design. please contact us here!

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