High-end customize mobile coffee shop with seatings design

Coffee service is very popular all around the world. According to relevant data, there are more than 100 million coffee drinkers in the United States alone. That’s a huge number. This shows that the coffee industry has very good development prospects. If you start your business from a coffee shop, it’s will be very nice and helpful.

Today, The one I want to share is a very high-end mobile coffee shop design with you. It is good to sell coffee, beverage, snacks, and fast food. Clients can order meals from the service kiosk and sit down to enjoy them.

coffee kiosk

Description of a coffee store

As we see the whole kiosk’s main tone is black and brown. the whole store has two parts. the left side is the work area with a wooden counter, the right side is the seating area. we can see the whole shop top is some very simple wood strip decoration, with acrylic logo, some blackboard menu and wooden shelves to decoration.

At the work area, there has an ” L” shape wall, according to the location customize the whole counter shape, so that can make it fit the whole area. we can notice, the whole counter front part is a display fridge. a cashier counter.  the left and back counter is put some juice machine, coffee machine, and stainless steel sink. the bottom is a small fridge and wooden cabinet. the right corner also has a small bar with two bar chairs.

Detail introduce:

  • Size: 50sqm.
  • Color:  black, wood grain.
  • Material: plywood, fireproof plate, solid wood.
  • Service:  coffee, juice.bubble tea, bakery.
  • Accessories: acrylic letter, blackboard. sink.
  • Price: $ 15000 ( 100% customize and high quality)
  • Usage: shopping center, coffee shop.

Plywood is waterproof, moisture-proof, and chemically stable. It is a good material for making food shop furniture. It mainly uses to make the counter body. This coffee shop furniture surface is a natural wood finish and matte blackboard. When you have limited budgets, you can use laminate as the finish.

coffee kiosk


Luminous brand letters and vivid signs have become the main components of the logo. Now more and more shopkeepers tend to use 3D illuminated signs to attract customers’ attention. Before opening, please design a vivid and interesting logo. This will be helpful for your promotion. This coffee shop has two kinds of logos, an acrylic letter with lightbox signage on the top and a luminous logo on the front side. Pedestrians can know your store and business regardless of distance.


Posters and TV players are common advertising methods. As the decoration of a coffee snack bar, it can match your shop decoration. You can also put pictures of popular foods and flagship foods on posters and menus to attract people to buy. Advertising posters need to be replaced in time to gain more people’s favor.

How to make the coffee shop more unique?

Everyone wants to have a distinctive store decoration, so we need to spend time and energy on color, layout, style, decoration, materials, and so on. Here are some ideas that may help you.

First, think of the product positioning. Only coffee shops that are accepted and recognized by the public are successful. For Example, if your clients are young people, they should be trendy and casual. If it is near the office, then you need to think about business style and look relaxed

Second, use different color combinations can bring unique effects. Of course, the most important thing is to design according to product positioning. We see most of the coffee store is black, wood, and brown in color, which matches the coffee beans.

Third, choose suitable decoration materials. Such as stone, artificial plants, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, etc. Different materials with different textures can also make our coffee shop unique.

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