Are you going to sell coffee and food outside? Many people wants to buy food and drinks in the street. As for a new business, it’s a great idea to open an outdoor coffee kiosk. Because it is easy to get the location and start, the decoation can also follow on your own idea. Whenever you are going to start the business, it’s better to decoration the outdoor shop in a unique way. Special shop decoration can make your shop standing out and highlight the products better. Now, I want to introduce a green coffee kiosk with you. Hope it can help you a little.

Description about the outdoor coffee kiosk

It deeply attracted me when I first saw this outdoor coffee kiosk. The whole outdoor booth is green color. It covers an area of 10ft by 10ft with sales windows in 3 sides and seating area outside for. There are brand name on the top and tell people we provide free charge and free wifi here. Now, let’s see the inside decoration together. A TV hang on the back wall to play video ads or programes. While there are only counter top for work, the coffee machine and other machines can put inside the kiosk. If you need locked cabinets or drawers, we can fill them under the counter top. That can make full use of the space. This coffee kioks can decoration follow on your own ideas.

The outdoor kiosk mainly use plywood and mental frame to make the kiok, the surface material is aluminium composite panel, which is fireproof, rainproof and very safe used outdoors. When open the locked window, it can provide a shelter for customers. The color and inside layout could change according to your ideas. A new design with your brand logo need about 2-3 business days. Production the customized kiosk takes about 30 days, if you need a big shop, it need more time.

3D design about the outdoor kiosk

coffee booth coffee outdoor kiosk outdoor coffee shop street food kiosk

Whenever you need an outdoor kiosk, please feel free to contact us. I am glad to share more designs and details with you. I am sure that we can meet your demands. Thank you

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