Green and wood eyebrow threading and manicure kiosk for sale

Hello everyone! Glad to meet you here. Nowadays more and more starters likely to open a manicure kiosk in the shopping mall as it needs a low budget and bring a big profit. Are you going to open a manicure shop nowadays? Do you wants a unique kiosk decoration to attractive more customers? Here we have a nice design sharing with you. It suits for both eyebrow threading and manicure service. Maybe we can cooperate with our partner to catch more consumers.

When purchasing such a unique kiosk, there are some steps we need to concerned

  1. Make sure that you got the location in the shopping mall. Because we need a location for our business. All the business begin with a location, so customers can find you easily.
  2. Choose the best style for your manicure service kiosk. An attractive kiosk can not only for a support of business, but  also a symbol of you brand character and culture.
  3. Find a supplier to make a 3D design drawing. From the drawing we can see every details and the layout. We can arrange the working place and rest area for customer. And we should fix all the details in the design and finally we know what’s our own kiosk looks like.
  4. The most important thing is to production the mall kiosk. As we all know the kiosk should last for a long time, nobody wants to update the counter frequently. So it’s very important to purchase high quality products with good service. Shenzhen Unique is a better choice for you. They provide customized kiosk service with good price. Whenever we have any doubts, they will give us a response soon.

3D designs

manicure kiosk

Description about the manicure kiosk

The whole kiosk including 2 ‘L’ shaped display counter, one is for manicure and the other is for eyebrow threading service. In the counter are waiting area for accompanies. The high stand is for your brand logo and TV scream. Do you like this mall kiosk design?

When you have your own design ideas, welcome to send inquiry and discuss with us. Thank you for reading

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