Gray Decoration with Green Juice Kiosk in the Mall

Fresh juice kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall. The fruit kiosk is a good place to start business and promote brand theme. Popele drink fresh juice to get Vitmine C to enhance resistance. Here is a nice juice kiosk sharing with you. Hope it gives you more ideas for your juice kiosk.

juice kiosk

Juice kiosk design

This juice kiosk includes display showcase and display counters. We can place fresh juice and beverages here. So that clients can purchase directly. While the counter table has topping and working area. Consumer can also purchase their favorite flavors. Seal machine and blander set on the counter table for better usage. We will also set freezer under the counter, that can save space and for better to use.

juice booth

Size information

This juice kiosk fit a location of 3m by 3m. It can fit your location size, and design according to the space. It has a large piller at back side. That use to attach light box posters and can also use to support the large ceiling. We use several small display counters to consist the large juice kiosk. So it is easy to install and connection.

juice stand

Material information

The main material is Plywood with gray and green laminate surface. We can use white stone to build the countertop, that is durable to use and easy to clean. Besides, it can also high light the kiosk effect. 8mm tempered glass set on the counter table, that allow clients to view the inside. And it can separate clients from working area to keep food clean. Lighting attach to the ceiling to increase brightness. Luminous brand logo add at the 4 sides of ceiling, allowing poeple to view your business from all sides.

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